Orienteering Trail

Orienteering Trail

Sheffield General Cemetery is a valuable green space in the heart of the city. It is a site of unique historical importance, a haven for wildlife and a tranquil place for all to enjoy. It opened in 1836 with its last burial in 1978. The site is now preserved as a mixture of meadow, woodland, and monuments for the public to enjoy.

Made possible by National Lottery Players via the National Lottery’s Parks for People Programme, orienteering courses and maps are available free of charge. There are 3 orienteering courses to choose from: very easy (0.9km), easy (1.0km) and medium (1.5km). An answer and instruction sheet is also available.

Below is the map showing all the controls across the site:

 Instructions of how to use the courses:

  • All the points are marked by red & white markers.
  • The start point on the map is shown by the triangle.
  • The finish point is marked by the double circle.
  • The start and finish are located by the Gatehouse – the markers are on a post.
  • Navigate your way to the points on the map in order.
  • The letter code by each number will match the letter on the post. This tells you that you have found the correct marker.
  • Write down the 3-digit code at each marker, then check your answers!

You can visit Sheffield General Cemetery – Go Orienteering to download all of the available maps, instructions and answers for each of the courses.