One of the North’s leading heritage sites needs you!

The BBC recently reported on the completion of works which have secured the Sheffield General Cemetery as a unique place enjoyed by visitors keen to access its natural beauty, rich history, and many live events and activities.

Our Trust, a registered charity, is committed to building on this work to ensure the space becomes widely recognised as a leading urban heritage and nature venue.

The Trust could not exist without its Members and volunteers; and with more members we can do more.

For only £10:

  • you contribute directly to the Trust’s stated aim of developing a leading urban heritage site of national significance.
  • you support the work we do to maintain and improve the Cemetery’s historic landscape, and to communicate its rich history and wildlife through our events, publication, exhibitions, guided and downloadable tours, workshop activities, school visits and talks to local community organisations.
  • you enable the trust to hold inclusive events which celebrate the local area’s diverse talents.
  • you will receive up to 4 email issues each year of our ‘Undertakings’ newsletters, featuring current research on some of the Cemetery’s long-term residents, updates on the work we are currently doing and information about what we have planned for the future.
  • you will be invited to attend General Meetings of the Trust which are held from time to time and help steer the direction of the Trust by voting on resolutions including appointment of Trustees; you can also ask questions of the Trustees.
  • you will receive a copy of the Trust’s annual accounts plus reports on our activities and plans from the Trustees.

Your membership period is 12 months from the date of application and is paid by direct debit – you can resign your membership or cancel the direct debit at any time.

Please click the “Apply for Membership” button below to start your application. Your details will be sent to the membership team as a record of your application. Once you’ve submitted your details you will be taken to the GoCardless website where you can setup your Direct Debit (you can cancel this at any time) to pay for your annual membership.

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