Drowned Voices – Stories of The Great Sheffield Flood

When the embankment of the Dale Dyke Dam was breached on 11 March 1864, nearly 700 million gallons of water cascaded down the Loxley valley towards the town of Sheffield causing death and destruction along its 8-mile path. Over 250 people died that night, more were to die in the aftermath.

66 victims were brought to the Cemetery for burial in the days immediately after the Great Sheffield Flood and 3 more were to follow in the ensuing weeks and months. 8 of the victims were buried in established family graves and 61 were buried in 31 different public graves, paid for by the Guardians of the Sheffield Union Public graves were used for the interment of numerous unrelated individuals and did not have memorial stones.

Follow this trail to discover some of the stories of the Flood victims buried here and other individuals, closely associated with the event.

Please go through the Gatehouse, turn left and walk in front of the Catacombs to the Stone Circle.

Listen to the Drowned Voices Trail here.