Landscape Volunteers

How long have you volunteered at SGCT?

Here for 6 years.

Why did you get involved?

I started volunteering after seeing a poster at the gatehouse, the idea being to fill in time before collecting my grandson from nursery. I have since become addicted!

What’s the best thing about volunteering at SGCT

I enjoy the moderate physical work outside, rather like large scale gardening. Every time I am at the cemetery I find something new a ,fragment of history , or some piece of the natural world ,or gardening. Working with the group is a great experience in cooperation, friendship and humour.

Why should people get involved?

Be involved and get a different view of landscape and life.

What’s your favourite part of the landscape, building and/or monument at SGC and why?

The two monuments which have inscriptions that give a more positive view of death than usual “living on in hearts “, and “Promoted to Glory .”

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