Torrent: Sheffield Flood Documentary

‘TORRENT’ – A look at flooding throughout Sheffield and the region, featuring a history of the Great Sheffield Flood through to more recent events, told by local historians and flooding experts from across the region.

‘Sheffield history is intrinsically linked with several flooding events, from the breach of Dale Dyke Dam which created the Great Sheffield Flood in 1864, to more modern day events in 2007, 2019 and 2022. Torrent tells the stories of each with footage, insights and historical accounts.

Plus information on how several organisations such as Sheffield City Council, the Environment Agency and Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust are working together to create solutions to prevent future flooding as well as help biodiversity and environmental issues.’

Watch Torrent: Sheffield’s Flood Story

Commissioned by the Sheffield Lakeland Landscape Partnership, Torrent originally premiered at Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust’s ‘Working with Water’ film night at Showroom Workstation in Sheffield.

Directed by Tom Rolley. Made possible with funding from National Lottery Heritage Fund.