Sheffield General Cemetery, Then & Now

As part of the closing stages of this project, Sheffield General Cemetery Trust and Sheffield City Council will launch a photographic book, Sheffield General Cemetery, Then & Now, made possible thanks to money raised by National Lottery players.

Sheffield General Cemetery, Then & Now is a beautiful compilation of photographs exploring the Cemetery’s journey from its beginnings in 1836 to through to its present-day restoration in 2023. The book is hardback, linen bound and is produced as a very limited first edition run of 100.

Introduced by award winning author, Peter Ross, the pages of Then & Now perfectly capture the essence of the Cemetery as a special place where history rests in peace, and the living find inspiration and calm. This book is a testament to the City’s history, resilience and commitment to preserving its unique heritage. Then & Now changes perceptions of what people may expect from a Victorian Cemetery. All proceeds from sale of the book will go to fund the charitable aims of Sheffield General Cemetery Trust.