Sheffield General Cemetery Trust Launches Audio Equipment Fundraiser

We are fundraising to purchase a new PA system for our Chapel venue.

This will cost around £4000 and includes Speakers, monitors, mixing desk, microphones and additional staging. Our aim is to put this into use early in 2024.

In the first six months of 2023, we hosted a range of events and exhibitions including 14 live music featuring 23 bands and solo musicians which achieved over 850 attending.

Our small capacity, 60, and unusual location has attracted a lot of interest from audiences and musicians. We have also developed distinctive brands for some events for example, Into the Trees and the Cemetery Sessions, which regularly sell out and have a waiting list of bands who want to perform. We have also developed successful partnerships, including with the Sharrow Festival and Jazz at the Lescar.

The events are staffed by volunteers, except those required by our license, such as security.

We regularly have sell-out gigs, but as our capacity is strictly limited to 60 people including event staff, our margins are very tight and limit our ability to make a future investments in a PA.

Investment in a PA will benefit musicians and performers, our audiences and wider community. It will make the venue more accessible to a broader range of community events events and musicians who may not have access to a PA.

Please help us to reach our target by giving what you can by visiting Just Giving.

Thank you.

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